Application for Admission to RCHEA  CORE Homeschool CO-OP:

1. Mother and Fathers full name______________________________________________



4.How long have you been homeschooling?___________________________________

5.Reason's for homeschooling?_______________________________________________________________________





6.Umbrella School______________________________________________________

7.Attendance Policy: I will try my best to be there because I realize that I am important to my homeschool co-op.


8. What area's can you serve in at coop_______________________________________

9.Wavier: I release RCHEA/CORE Coop and the New Creative Visual and Performinag Arts Center from any accidents or injuries that may occur at class or during any events. I know that it is my responsibility if someone get's hurt to take care of it.


10.I realize that their are monthly fees and that some of the other classes have fee's as well.


11.Consent for backgroup check


12. I realize that upon being accepted that I will do my best to be repectful to other people and if a problem arises I will go to Carmen ,Becky , or Donna with it. I know that the board of RCHEA and CORE CO-OP does not recieve a salary . I understand that they all have children and that all children will have bad days on occasion. I know that the board members are not perfect and will make mistakes sometimes and I promise to love them through it.